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Graduates Celebrate Massage School Kauai

Congratulations Golden Class 2014!  Christi Garner, Skyler Workman, Kim McCartney, Laka Line Holmene, Katie Mae Carlson, Jessica Haywood, Victor Cloutier & Andrew Denny!  see testimonials below!    10431428_664721543620992_6427047843470248019_o

Christi Louise GLS is more than just a massage program, it is a holistic way of integrating massage, body work and self care along with a tremendous amount of learning into life. The end result of a new career is life changing, not to mention the wonderful friends and colleagues whom I have met and numerous internal hurdles I have softened into and learned from during this short 9 month program. It’s like birthing a whole new me! The teachers are passionate, cutting edge and always there for support and guidance. Thank you Golden lotus!


Jessica Haywood My experience at the Golden Lotus was so special. It being a very expansive time in my life, I felt fully supported with my growth. With acceptance patience and love, Rod, Isabelle and Eana have laid such a great foundation for me to reach towards my greatest potential and become the passionate massage therapist I aspire to be. They set such a great example and the things I took from this program will not only help me with my career but with life in general. I am truly thankful and proud to say I’m a Golden Lotus massage school alumni. 

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