Golden Lotus Massage Trainings Kauai

Registration is open for our 2018 – 2019 Hawaii State Massage Licensing Program

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2018 – 2019  Full licensing program began September, 2018

The Golden Lotus Massage Trainings Kauai

is dedicated to bringing essential instruction to those seeking to become licensed massage therapists. After a comprehensive foundation course Sept – Nov, a program of advanced workshops begins in January. The workshop series is an introduction to a variety of profound modalities including Lomi Lomi, Ayurvedic therapies, Thai Massage, Hot Stone, Reflexology and Spa treatments. We invite guest teachers to bring their unique gifts and practices to our students as well.

Our program is designed to be accessible, easily integrating into your work or family schedule. We passionately support any one who is inspired to serve family, community and visitors through massage and bodywork. Whether this is your first career choice, a change of life style or a moment of deep nourishment for personal growth through learning and sharing sacred healing modalities, we are confident you will find a home in our program. Your commitment to yourself is met in heartfelt dedication by us at the Golden Lotus.   We believe that massage as a career and/or a personal practice provides every opportunity to grow and deepening in self love and love of others. The aspiration is to develop increased capacity to meet  people where they are and hold space for healing and growth.

Eana Rose, Isabelle and Rod Fisher are owners of the studio and principle instructors in the school. Between them they have had long careers on Kauai as massage practitioner, workshop leaders and spa owners. With a common vision, the studio and school was founded in 2011 to serve the community of Kauai and to create a circumstance where others could embark on a career in the healing arts, a life style that has bestowed countless gifts which they are passionate about sharing.

Golden Lotus Kauai 150 Hour Massage Workshop Course Description

Includes requirements as outlined from the Hawaii State Board of Massage.  The three month workshop will run two evenings a week and Saturdays all day.  It is followed by our apprenticeship program including clinics and 3 day intensives in  advance techniques.  click here For an in depth look at the full licensing program.

50 hours – Anatomy, and Physiology & Kinesiology
  •  Anatomy- Skeletal System, names of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons etc.
    tissue composition of skin, bones, blood and organs
  •  Physiology – Body systems, effects of massage
  •   Kinesiology- Muscle origins, insertions and actions, structure and effects of massage
  •  100 hours Theory and Practice of Massage including the following:
100 hours theory & demonstration massage trainings
  • Standard Massage terms and techniques, Swedish
  •  Basic Lomi Lomi style massage
  •  Chair Massage
  •  Benefits of Massage
  •  Contraindications to Massage
  •  Draping
  •  Body Mechanics for the massage practitioner
  •  Assessment of Client
  •  Professionalism and Ethics
  •  Record keeping
  •  Rules and Regulations of Hawaii State Board of Massage